Clara Oswin Oswald – The Girl with 3 lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Jenna Louise Coleman is a fantastic, talented and beautiful actress, but…. as our introductions to Clara, over and over again, it feels like we’ve seen the best and now we’re seeing the worst.

You’re probably like, what the hell are you on about? She’s great! Yeah, I know. She is. But… I can’t help but feel the Clara that actually travels with the Doctor is the least interesting, entertaining and fiesty as the others we’ve witnessed.

I mean ‘Oswin’. She was sexy, flirtatious, super intelligent and made a match for the Doctor. The first time we laid eyes on here we were all probably balling our eyes out knowing that we were counting down the episodes till Amy and Rory were leaving (how would we live?!?!), but I think we were stunned,  seduced and I immediately fell in love with Oswin (not in a gay way, just… wow). So the intention of this type of Clara was the foundations for the expectations….


And then Clara from the Rose and Crown. A cockney sparra with a raw and yet again, feisty attitude. She was inquisitive, young and inspired by the Doctor. And was once again, we fell in love. But then, along comes her alta ego…. Ms Montague (sounds like a Cluedo character), which changes a lot of things. The character of Clara in a whole becomes more complex, secretive, exciting and well, brilliant. You know she’s gonna be a hit and the Doctor’s gonna fricken love her. And he does….

Clara_Oswin_Oswald Clara_as_Montague

All 3 of these Clara’s are inquisitive and intrigued by the Doctor, they’re the ones who follow him on his adventures and into the Tardis. The ones who presume he’s coming to save them and tell children stories of him.

But then there’s modern day Clara. Who slams the door in the face of stranger and doesn’t wonder who the hell is he? A 900 year old time lord standing at her front door, with a specious looking blue box parked in her front garden. And the bow tie? Isn’t that enough to scream alarm bells.

Although, hopefully… these is a great ploy by the writers of the series and we’ll find out exactly who Clara is and who the other versions of Clara are as well.

But for now, i’ll perceiver.


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