“I was gonna be with you, forever” …. The Top 10 Saddest Moments of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is notorious for its adventure seeking, thrilling and heartbreaking story lines, that leaves its fans either hiding behind the sofa in terror or wailing ‘pass me another tissue dear’. But let’s look back at the top 10 of saddest moments (try not to cry, i wont) as to be honest, they always give me shivers down my spine or a lump in my throat, but are defiantly watching over and over and over and over again, right?

1. For me, the WORST and saddest moment was the departure of Amy and Rory. I just cant…


We knew it was going to happen, but just not like that. We thought they were okay, they survived the fall off a 100 ft building in the middle of Manhattan (with Rory involved, who wouldn’t). We’d all wiped away our tears and stopped clutching onto the person sitting next to us, and then Moffat throws this at us. And quite frankly, I couldn’t cope.  I wasn’t ready for …. ‘Raggedy Man… Goodbye’.

2. The 10th Doctor’s emotional goodbye (funny how its always the goodbye’s) as he regenerates into the 11th. The words ‘I don’t want to go’. Oh god!

Doctor Who 1047And he will knock 4 times. The prophecy of David’s depature and the goodbye to number 10 really killed me. It didnt feel like Tennant chose to left, it really felt like he was being killed off. Not just in the program, but forever. Through time and space… for everybody. Bye bye Doctor. And goodbye to Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Mickey, Sarah Jane Smith and Luke,  Donna Noble and her family, Captain Jack and Torchwood… goodbye everything.

3. Amy and Rory’s ‘marriage tiff’ which seems just more than that. In the Asylum of The Daleks I was wiping away the tears, literally, as Amy proclaims she can’t have children. Terrible enough, not by her fault… but that she gave Rory up rather than to disappoint.

Literally, I can’t.

4.  When Donna looses everything, literally everything she had achieved, everything with the Doctor and her memory of how she was the most important women in the universe. In this scene, it felt like the universe was crying, because she reached out to so many people and literally saved the world!

‘Help me’.

5. Now as much as i’m not a proclaimed Rose fan, he goodbye with the Doctor was undeniably painful. In doomsday, I couldn’t cry enough. For me it felt literally like doomsday, the end of the world  – the end of doctor who.


and just like Rose, I was also screaming ‘bring me back’ at the tv. Oh dear.

6. ‘I just wanted to say Hello. Hello Doctor’. This was literally, heartbreaking. The Doctor’s oldest friend saying goodbye, after the time they talked. We hadn’t really seen number 11 cry like this until now and you could see the fear, hearbreak and sorrow in his eyes, and I literally did feel sorry for him.

6x04-The-Doctor-s-Wife-doctor-who-22053299-1280-720The Doctor’s wife… has he just became a widower?

7. When the Doctor and Amy take Vincent to the future and he hears the legacy of himself and what an amazing painter had had become in history, it really did bring a lump to my throat as we see him cry.

Vincent14And then the story’s left with Amy under the impression their help to Vincent really would of turned his life around, but the knife is really stuck in when we learn he still commits suicide, even after  all the help and hope he’d been given.

8. Crying because you’re happy. When the Doctor returns to the Pond’s new abode at Christmas, he’s generally surprised they always set him a place for Christmas dinner.


And the Doctor learns how to cry, not because he’s sad but because he’s happy that he has a family and friends who care for him, which he had been denying to himself. Always a corker!

9. ‘Everybody knows everybody dies’ as from later series, we learn the day the Doctor meets River Song in the library is ‘the worst day coming for her’, where the Doctor has no idea who she is, and she knows it’s going to kill her. Her sacrifice is un-explainable at this point, but watching over the episode again, we know why.

‘I suppose you knew it was time’.

And finally, River Song is in peace – with her crew, as the Doctor saves her for one, last time.

10. And finally, as the 9th doctor regenerates, I really didn’t expect such an emotional ending for Eccelston, and sympathized with Rose as… how we were meant to expect this?

‘And you were brilliant’.

So that’s my top 10 saddest moments of Doctor Who, which is your saddest?


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