The Men of Doctor Who…

Where there seems to a heavy amount of women within Doctor Who, besides the actual Doctor himself there tends to be a lack of male roles within the program. Funny ah, considering males are still paid more than women in certain area’s, generally still more power and so on…

Although I got to say, the men we encounter in Doctor Who aren’t exactly the ‘hyper masculine, traditional man’ are they?

Let’s start with Rory Williams.

tumblr_majmcniP7K1re73pso1_500A nurse by nature, Rory’s job would often be associated with a women. If we take a look back at Martha Jones and her struggle to earn the title ‘Doctor’, Rory’s position as a nurse seems a little subordinate to his possible potential as a male role, mainly in condition with the Doctor.

And let’s not forget his un-conditional love for Amy, where Rory does half show off his emotional feeling’s a lot, which yet again would be associated as a women’s trait. Very rarely do we witness a strong, domineering Rory that saves the day, with a six pack and golden skin… Just a roman centurion (wearing a skirt) with a forced stern face will do for Rory.

And then Captain Jack Harkness….


As camp as Gok Wan let loose in Topshop, Jack Harkness certainly enjoyed his styling session with Trinny and Sussana-bot’s in ‘Bad Wolf  ‘. The question of Jack’s sexuality within Doctor Who is very prominent and quite often exposed, as Jack Harkness bi-sexuality is exploited through his iconic ‘flirting’ by just saying ‘Hello’.

But a man who is insistent on remaining to fashion one particular trend (the navy trench coat, and 40’s clothes) is quite the trend setter, as his concern for fashion is something we’d generally expect as feminine.

And finally, Mickey Smith

Mickey_Sombre_TPOTWMickey’s love for Rose is always present, even when she dissapears off with the Doctor and he often lets his emotions get the better of him. He may look tough by nature, generally due to his background from east London, but Mickey Smith is often a sentimental softie. And quite right too, is it regularly pointed out by the Doctor and Captain Jack, where he harnessed the nickname ‘fruitcake’.

Quite often Mickey’s character was considered a nuisance and useless, mainly by the Doctor which could signify a power struggle from Mickey’s male character, in comparison to the lead, dominant and overwhelming character of the Doctor.

So that’s my round up of how I see the way in which males are employed in Doctor Who. Apart from the Doctor, to me, it’s like all over males are dismissed to have any power, dominance or extreme intelligence… which are often male traits, right? Meanwhile as the women are often portreyed as sexy goddess who fall instantly in love with the Doctor, I


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