The top 5 of ‘As If’ moments

As celebratory as I am to Doctor Who, I will admit there are some moments where I’m sat thinking ‘You’ve got to be joking me’. Yeah, you remember them? Thought so! So let’s start the countdown of some of the most ridiculous, cheesiest (is that even a word) and plain damn stupid moments of Great British television.

1. Let’s start with Titanic almost crashing into Buckingham Palace on Christmas day in ‘The Voyage of The Damned’. Need I go on?  And to top it all off, The Queen in her pink fluffy pj’s waving ‘Thank You Doctor’. Oh my.


2. The Flying Shark in ‘A Christmas Carol’. We first see this beast attacking The Doctor and young Kazran in his home, but to the close of the episode we are blessed with the fish flying old Dumbledore, I mean Kazran (Michael Gambon) and  Abigail (Catherine Jenkins) on a ‘trip of a lifetime’.  Imagine Free Willy meets Easyjet. Excuse me whilst I hurl up the whole time continuum.


3. Returning back to The Voyage of The Damned (basically, this episode was full of cheese) The Doctor’s grief of his lustful Astrid (Kylie, oh Kylie) sends him on a rein of dissapear, anger and well… honestly, what were they thinking? ‘The Host’ carry him away.  Gold painted superman in togers? Deary me.


4. The human daleks. I mean, come on. I get Oswin trapped inside a fully converted dalek, but the eye stalk popping out from a human head? I just really couldn’t stop laughing! Although, I would of appreciated Matt Smith fashioning one, how controversial? Copyright that Moffat.


And finally

5. The Doctor and Arthur Weasley, I mean Brian Williams (Rory’s dad) riding bare back on a dinosaur. In the middle of space. On an alien spaceship. what’s not to laugh at? Really? A Time Lord and a Wizard… where’s all the muggles and humans?


So that’s my round up of the most ridiculous moment’s of Doctor Who this side of the millennium  but humans… I now give you the vote. Choose you’re favorite ‘as if’ moments and we’ll see which is the most, stupid, ridiculous and cringe-worthy scene so far!


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