Doctor Who Daily Challenge – Day 2

‘Favorite Companion’ – Day 2

For this one, i’m a little strung between two contenders so I’ve decided to give them both the glory, with a 50:50 split!

So firstly:

Amy Pond


Amy’s connection with the Doctor is magical, ayet brings freshness to the programe. Her relationship with Rory is also dynamic, complex and easy on the eye which is the part of Doctor Who I admire so much. Her story from a little girl until we see her as a fully grown, independent women, her caring and loyalty to Rory is remarkable.

Donna Noble


Many will be thinking, ‘you’re joking right?’, but indeed I enjoyed Donna’s companionship to the Doctor. She brought humour, life, exhilaration and her own style to the role that I feel past companions packed. Most importantly, Donna wasn’t ‘in love’ with the Doctor, which allowed for their friendship to develop into a sentiment of fun, loyalty and companionship.



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