Raggedy Man – Number 11

Welcoming Matt Smith to the role of ‘The Doctor’ in 2010, ‘The Eleventh Hour’ explores his debut performance as the time traveling alien. Crash landing into the garden of young scottish girl Amelia Pond, the Doctor investigates the crack in her bedroom wall that she had prayed help for. After fish fingers and custard and the promises  that he will return in ‘5 minutes’, The Doctor’s timing is still pretty out of touch when he arrives back in the young girls garden 12 years later. 

The 11th Doctor’s adventures being with Amy Pond across time and space, as series 5 plays a rather vital part in the development of The Doctor’s character, through the story of ‘the cracks in time’ in which he had suggestibly created in his battles, travels and meetings of aliens.  Along the way Amy’s fiancee Rory joins them in the TARDIS as the first couple to travel with The Doctor. In ‘Cold Blood’ Rory Williams is absorbed by the light from ‘a crack in time and space’, which deems to follow the travelers where-ever they go (the original in Amy’s bedroom). For Rory, this would be the first of many deaths! Where in ‘The Pandorica Opens’, Rory returns as a ‘miracle’ as a plastic auton dressed as a roman centurion. Unfortunately for Amy, she can’t quite remember who he is!


Through-out series 5 and 6, the return of River Song begins to baffle the minds of many who-vians. Who is she? Where did she come from? How does she know the Doctor? Some may still not know, or not fully understand… but i’ll try give you an insight as to who she is.

In ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ we learn that Amy has become pregnant whilst in the TARDIS, which can only really mean one thing. It’s gonna be a super dooper time baby! And that it is, in the form of River Song.. or as ‘Melody Pond’ by birth name. River has regenerating powers, alike the Doctor. At Deamon’s run, she is taken from Amy and Rory and fashioned to be the ultimate psychopathic killer, that will indeed one day kill the doctor. Returning back to ‘The Impossible Astronaut’, we see a Astronaut shoot the Doctor… which is infact River. Oh and somewhere along the lines, Rory dies and comes back to life about a million times. Blimey. In ‘The Wedding of River Song’, The Doctor and River marry in hope to restore the universe from collapsing. So yeah, fish fingers and custard 14 years ago with Amelia was just another awkward dinner with the mother in law for The Doctor!



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