The Women of Doctor Who

Warning. This shit just got serious. This is an issue I strive to express about my beloved Doctor Who – however, my feelings are still ecstatic  for the program! 🙂

Anyhow, my dear humans, it’s pretty noticeable that most of The Doctor’s companions are female. Which in this case, is pretty problematic in a day and age of ‘sex equality’ and women’s rights, although the women’s role is still deemed derogative and subordinate to that of the time traveling Doctor.  Let’s take a look over the companions of 9, 10 and even jump to 11 and discover the traits and roles these lovely women (and the occasional man) plays within the program!

1. Rose Tyler – When we first meet Rose, she is quite possibly presented to us as a bit of a blonde bimbo, a lot like her mother Jackie (we can see where she gets it from). However whilst over series 1 and 2 we discover she is quite bright, clever and on her toe’s, she is still rendered a minor to the male Doctor’s lead. In most cases, she is the damsel in distress awaiting the arrival of The Doctor to save her quite literally from the monsters.  In ‘Rose’, she is saved from her tedious and repetitive lifestyle for a better life.  More importantly, she is rendered a enigmatic love interest for the alien, whose relationship is presented as positive, relatable and enjoyable. Although the outcome of  her strong and overpowering desire and love for the Doctor results in her being contained in a different world, as it deems the only place that contain it. Women and their feelings, eh!


2. Martha Jones – As we first encounter Martha in ‘Smith and Jones’ we learn she is quite a frivolous, independent and intelligent women.  As a medical student, The Doctor meets his maker! (in medicine. Martha unfortunately isn’t alien!) However destined to make her mark, I feel Martha is rendered even more subordinate to the Character of Rose, as a ‘rebound’ for the Doctor’s grief – which for any women, is a no go! As we witness in her dramatic departure, Martha was having none of that shit! In Martha we see determination  independence, confidence, lust and ambition, even if it meant leaving the Doctor.  In ‘The Last of The Time Lord’s, we see gender and role reverse, as Martha quite literally saving the world – similarly in ’42’ where she saves The Doctor (using her medical experience, cheeky).


3. Donna Noble – When we first meet Donna it’s her wedding day, as she’s transported through time and space in her wedding dress. What a brilliant way to advertise her sexuality and femininity in traditional dress. As her story goes on, we learn she is a ‘temp’ which tends to put a downer on her life, as in ‘Turn Left’ we learn she could do better. When returning to the lure of the Doctor in ‘Partners in Crime’, she’s suited and booted for kicking ass against alien’s, as she becomes inquisitive and investigates the strange happenings. Most importantly, we learn through her body manner and openness  she is not traveling in the TARDIS for the desire of the Doctor and especially does not ‘want to mate’. All in all, her character tends to be perceived as comical, a little useless and ditsy, however in ‘Journey’s end’ we witness a biological metocrisis, allowing for the convergence of doctor and dona making her the most intelligent, efficient and smartest woman in the universe! Sadly, the inevitability of this power is striped of her, returning The Doctor’s overall dominance and power to the male character.


4. Amy Pond – ‘Amelia Pond’ first comes onto our screen’s as a seven year old scottish girl, alone and scared of the crack in her wall. 12 years later when The Doctor returns, ‘Amy’ has grown into an independent career driven woman. Urm – a kiss-o-gram? Maybe not. Although driven on the dreams of her Ragety Doctor from her childhood, Amy’s flirtatious nature (however ‘spoken for) creates a similar persona to that of Rose as ‘the first this face saw’ for the 11th doctor.  As she marries Rory William’s, we see Amy’s caring, loyal and loving personality sprout into a remarkable companion and wife in the TARDIS, as she grows up her faith in the Doctor becomes stronger, however she becomes less dependent and her reliant on her childish ‘imaginary friend’,  the male doctor, and strives to take her marital role to Rory and maternal role to her daughter, River Song.

And then there’s Clara….

The importance of women through out the series is vital, although however independent or strong, loyal or important they are, the role of the female still lies subordinate and sexually degrading, mainly until the revelation of a ‘female doctor’ hits our screens, which will ultimately reverse gender roles within Doctor Who.

So let’s not forget the other ‘minor’ women that have delighted our screens


The Tardis , a.k.a ‘Sexy’. I suppose this one speaks for itself doesn’t it.


Jackie Tyler – the blonde and ditsy mother to rose, who’s intelligence and ability is often challenged in a ‘oh no, not your mother’ sort of way!


Clara ‘Oswin’ Oswald – ‘sexy souffle girl’ who flirts with Rory during his brake up with Amy. A lost, confused and trapped girl – needing The Doctor to come and save her?


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