The Lonely God – Number 10


The closure of series 1 welcomes the appearance of David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. As we learn that The Doctor has the ability to regenerate his entire body, organs and face, the Time Lord’s power strikes Rose as tragic, as the ‘new man’ (i’ll be PC, it’s Alien) now rushing round the TARDIS isn’t The Doctor she thought she knew.

Returning to the role in ‘The Christmas Invasion’, no 10 styles the previous leather jacket outfit of no 9, leaving a sense nostalgia for Rose, her mother Jackie and boyfriend Micky.  Taking a little time out for re-rehabilitation from the regeneration process, The Doctor remains the good old hero when Rose and her family are attacked by a spinning Christmas tree (seems pretty legit). As the episode draws to end, we are re-united with The Doctor discovering his new identity with his new face and body that we become to recognize and love.

As the journey begins with the new face of The Doctor, the series leads into what seems a much darker understanding of the Time Lord’s gallifreyan culture, his past and the legacy he carries. (this shit just got serious, wait till i get onto no 11 and the moff, ouch).  In ‘New Earth (SE2, EP1) Rose and The Doctor are re-united with the old face The Face of Boe, a mysterious and ancient relic who knows of secrets and stories of the once great and powerful time lords. (spoilers later) In ‘School reunion’, past companion and journalist Sarah Jane Smith is reunited with The Doctor once more on the case of suspicious UFO citing at a nearby school. It just seems to be everywhere now 😉


In series 3, The Doctor and Martha Jones are faced against the enemy of ‘The Family of Blood’ who seek the life span and knowledge of a time lord, in which The Doctor uses a chameleon arch to transform himself into human form. This challenge reconciles tough for Martha, as whilst human The Doctor (or John Smith, his ever so human name) falls in love with another human, whilst having no remorse or reminiscent of his alien time lord life.


The character of Donna Nobel (Catherine Tate), a temp from Chiswick properly  joins the Tardis crew in series 4, after her encounters with The Doctor on her wedding day. ‘The Doctor Donna’ introduces a complex and bio-metrical hybrid of human and time lord, as in ‘Journey’s End’ The Doctor’s ‘spare, bubbling and in a jar’ hand (as cut off in ‘The Christmas Invasion above London on an alien spaceship. yes, i know. mad) regenerates and becomes a second doctor, although is in human form. Donna then touches the hand (it was shinning, all sparkly and bright) and causes a two way biological metocrisis, creating the ultimate part time lord, part human Donna! Oh and she’s good.

But of course, the all so powerful mind of a time lord contains the whole universe, stars, sun’s and all of time is just a little bit too much for the best temp in Chiswick.

The 10th’s Doctor’s farewell rounds is what i’d call heartbreaking and emotional, tugging on the heart strings to a face we’d been so familiar with since for 4 series, as he re-visits past companions from the series, including Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith and Martha Jones in his final goodbye. Prepare yourself, it’s a weeper!

Alonz-y 10!


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