Continuity shot out the window…

Imagine the scene. I’m all cosy, warm and settled into my sofa, with a cup of tea in hand, jammy dodgers by the bucket and doctor who box-sets on tap. I’m well into it, series 1 to start with. And then something horrific. Terrifying. Soul -destroying. And damn right shameful occurs. The continuity is quite sufficiently, left at the TARDIS door with this one.

1. (1.05) The first I found in ‘Rose’, where Rose’s boyfriend Micky is attacked by a living plastic wheely bin (seems pretty believable, obviously). Watch his hands!

2. (1.47)  In ‘Aliens of London’, a simple CGI mistake is made when the Roman Numerals on Big Ben are back to front/the wrong way round! Couldn’t they just of sonic it?

3.  (3.01) And the most terrible one of them all, is in ‘Boom Town’, where the camera shows the Doctor turning his head in shot 1, shot 2 repeats the movement of his head! Scandal!


I also found some pretty damn right stupid ones in the more recent series of Doctor Who! Check out this  video on series 7 also by crispyproproductions

The genuine teeny weeny fault tends to lie in 2 different shots being made which film the same action – but are not put together to create continuity between shot! In many cases in series 7 – we see Amy move in the 1st shot and creates the same movement afterwards, from a different angle shot in the next shot! Tad bit silly, I will admit! If I was a 900 year old time lord from out of space, i’d be hoping into my time machine and sonic’ing them right!

It’s quite funny seeing these easily made mistakes and i’m pretty sure there’s more to come! If you spot any funny or just plain damn dreadful ones, let me know!


One thought on “Continuity shot out the window…

  1. Never expected them to make mistakes. So easy to miss when you’re not paying attention to detail, anyway good article chloe 🙂

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