Doctor’s orders, number 9!

Let’s hop in the Tardis and travel back in time to 2005, when Christopher Eccleston launched the return of the series as the 9th Doctor.

And with it, The Doctor did bring Ghosts from the past, Aliens from the future and the day the earth died in a ball of flames.  All from a man who can change his face.

The series begins in good old London, as Rose begins a tiresome, repetitive and some-what meaning-less day at work in a department store, unaware of the events about to un-ravel. Now of course, there wouldn’t be an alien invasion in the form of  plastic shop manikins without The Doctor to save the day, as Rose is lured down into the basement after closing time only to discover that extra-terrestrial life exists. ‘Run’ whispered The Doctor. And ran they did.  The episode draws out that Rose Tyler is indeed exactly what The Doctor had been searching for in his new companion to accompany him on his travels. Bright, daring, edgy, blonde and rather big mouthed. Nether-the-less, The Doctor and Rose’s adventures begin at the close of the episode, transporting her to different universes, across dimensions and totally different planets.


And a long the way, there was a few stray’s and hitch hikers who caught the eye of young Rose Tyler, which introduced a whole range of complex characters, including ex Time- Agent, Mr Captain Jack Harkness. When we first meet the American, hunky and very cheeky Harkness, his ship is suspended on Big Ben in the middle of WW11 blitz, where Jack’s chivalry rescue of Rose creates an exciting, fiery and  humorous friendship between the two lost time travelers.

 As the Doctor finally learns to Dance (SE1, EP10) Jack joins the TARDIS crew for the remaining episodes of the series, where The Doctor, Rose and Jack meet their makers in  ‘Bad Wolf’ and ‘Parting of The Ways’, where the future of reality TV shows such as Big Brother, The Weakest Link and Trinny and Susana have very different rules. The overall control of the Satellite broadcasting system responsible welcomes back the return of the iconic Dalek’s, which create chaos, death and loss. The episode ends with Rose returning back to the future by consuming the light and heart of the TARDIS, the entire Time Vortex inside her head. With this, she brings life… which returns Jack back from the death and back for good. Immortal in-fact. But, the Time Vortex is just a little bit too big for 1 human brain to consume, making her sick and in very much need of a Doctor. And with it, he relieves her in a series anticipation moment we’d all been waiting for. The kiss.


A signal of departure for the 9th Doctor had arisen, as Eccleston steps down from the TARDIS console and hands over the body, the two hearts and the sonic to the 10th, David Tennant.

My overall  thoughts on Number 9:

I recently re-watched series 1 of the re-birth of Doctor Who, 8 years after it’s original running and I felt like I had never seen it before! I’d forgotten the talent of Christopher Eccleston that grabbed the hearts and minds of the viewers, which re-booted the shows popularity and excitement and it gave me a real buzz about the program again! I saw things I forgot or just passed a blind eye to last time. Story-lines in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th series were given more meaning and excitement. Quite often Eccleston’s work is, I feel cast subordinate to that of Tennant and Smith, mainly due to the small running and air time, but I’d certainly give number 9 a 10 out of 10 for performance and capturing a individual, energetic style to the time lord we all love and know so well.


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