About 21st Century Time Traveler

Hello Earthlings and welcome to 21st Century Time Traveler.  This blog dedicated the reboot of the BBC drama Doctor Who, following the series of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith, for all Who-vians, aliens, time lords and humans.

Since it’s only 41 days (as I write this, it’s the 17th of Feb) to the return of Doctor Who in it’s 8th series in April 2013! Also I aim to show celebration of the programs 50th anniversary, as i’m sure many who-vians wait in anticipation to what is heading our ways to mark the event. Here’s a couple of spoiler images that are circulating at the moment!

DoctorWhos images (2)

Most importantly, a celebration of Doctor Who and it’s cast actors nominations at the National Television Awards 2013! (just a few weeks ago), with Doctor Who nominated for Best British drama, Karen Gillen for Best Drama Performance Female and Matt Smith for best Best Drama Performance male! Unfortunately, no win’s this year but the show was up against some real pioneering work!


So now, my dearest dalek’s and fish finger custard eating mutant’s,  I shall leave you trembling with excitement  whilst you enjoy this trailer for Series 8 of Doctor Who, returning to our tele box’s in April 2013!



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